Web Development and Music

Did you ever think that music and web development were related in some way? Maybe not, but in a blog post on JumpingJackRabbit.com, the website of a brand design firm, the author draws a clear connection on four levels: rhythm, timing, melody, and finesse.

First, rhythm is the beat of a piece of music. It provides the continuity of music, its flow. Web development has rhythm as well, although it may not be as clear as it is in music. A web application feels complete and finished, tied together when it has rhythm. Without rhythm, it will feel boring and one dimensional. A search results page that had a fast rhythm would not have much space between each result, which would probably confuse the user. The same would occur if there were a slow rhythm to the search results. They’d be very spaced out. The correct rhythm in a web application enables users to feel that the site is more cohesive and simpler to use. It is also easier to maintain for the developer.

Additionally, timing is what keeps a piece of music moving forward. It can change throughout the piece. Timing on a site that is used correctly can mean keeping or losing users for web developers. For example, a slide show with slides that show up at random times would confuse users and encourage them to leave the site? What if an application shows messages to users, but the messages disappear as quickly as they come. The users can’t read them, so what was the point of putting them up to begin with? What about sites that take forever for elements to load?

Furthermore, melody is the topmost layer of a piece of music. In terms of web development, melody is what provides a site or application its look and feel. When a melody is used correctly, it makes the user want to stay on the page. It makes the page look and feel interesting. Think of melody as a combination of every element on the page the user sees and interacts with from the language of the content to the graphics.

Finally, finesse can be translated as voice. Every musician gives a piece of music its particular voice each time he or she plays it. A web developer is like a musician, so how he or she creates a page is unique to that person. Finesse in a website is the way elements blend together, such as how images transition, or how a form submits.

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